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My Pocket Lawyer Service is designed to offer legal education to the public and legal practitioners through I-Phone applications. Not designed to be used for legal advice or to take the place of an Attorney. Rather, it is a quick reference tool to acquaint the user with the basic concepts of a legal issue.

Most if not all legal issues share the same components. Anecdotal/Unique facts, legal elements and standard or usual outcomes. Outcomes are based on the combination of legal statutes and prior case law interpretation. The outcomes are also dependent on where the facts occur. What level of court and whether it is in state court, federal court or administrative court? To apply the standard or usual method to determine a correct outcome would normally require some knowledge of legal research, access to legal documents and reference material and the ability to interpret the results based on past court decisions, various legal jurisdiction of the court ie: state, federal or administrative

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An App designed to quickly answer Constitutional law questions relating to police use of evidence, search and seizure individualized by user and user’s own fact based questions. Ideal for police, attorneys and the private citizen to inform themselves of whether the Constitutional guidelines have been followed.